Public Sector

Detailed Property Management Reporting / Secure Online Portal

In accordance with AnythingIT GSA Schedule 70 –GS-35F-0439M, once assets are inventoried, AIT performs a range of testing/inventory services. This includes testing to complete configuration and functionality tests. The results of these tests are added to the asset’s history in our database and online portal. It will also include indication of the items usefulness and re-marketability. Proprietary client information that is stored in the memory of any decommissioned equipment must be protected and will be wiped/destroyed.


If you have personal property that needs to be replaced, you can exchange or sell that property and apply the exchange allowance or sales proceeds to reduce the cost of similar replacement property. This allows for agencies to reduce their need for additional funding for the acquisition of replacement personal property.


Using the Exchange/Sale Authority, storage, administrative and processing costs that may be incurred when declaring the property to be replaced as un-required or excess can be avoided.

Consider this: The time required to determine the correct disposal option (utilization by other Federal agencies, donation to eligible non-Federal public or non-profit organizations, sale to the public or abandonment or destruction) and to complete the disposal transaction is likely to exceed the time required for an exchange/sale transaction.

The Federal Personal Property Management Team has a business decision to make as to which method provides the greatest return for the Government:

The Property Management Office should work closely with the assigned Contracting Officer to maximize use of Exchange/Sale because of its ability to reduce both purchase and disposal costs.

In 2002, AnythingIT was the first company to be awarded a GSA Schedule 70 Contract for IT Asset Disposition Services (ITAD) leveraging the exchange sale regulation.   Our past performance supporting Public Sector is un-paralleled and we seek to leverage our learned best practices to ensure both environmental compliance, data security, and the overall best value to the Government for recovery values.