Who We Are


AnythingIT is a US owned and operated, fully certified and compliant electronics recycler that leverages our learned best practices with the public and private sector. Our goal is to provide innovative and viable electronic disposal solutions that promote environmental responsibility and financial value.

In 1974, the announcement of the “personal computer” became one of the most astounding inventions of the modern age. Technology quickly changed the way countries developed, major corporations operated, small companies managed, employees worked and individuals communicated in almost every corner of the world. Today, it is projected that U.S. corporations will retire over 11 million computers each year. Since the average life span of a PC is less than three years, one of the biggest questions in technology remains.

How We Maximize Value
For Our IT Assets

AnythingIT has the answers. We are focused on helping companies maximize their technology dollars by delivering cost effective, functional and real-time IT asset management solutions. Our approach is simple: we help companies with a systematic and structured plan to manage their internal and external technology assets on an ongoing basis. From initial product reviews and physical inventory audits to budgeting, planning, reselling, recycling and analysis, AnythingIT is dedicated to increasing operational efficiency and resource savings.

Founded in 1992 as Access Direct, Inc., AnythingIT is a global organization, which employs experts in the area of technology, asset management, and logistics support. With over 30 years of experience in end-to-end design, software development and proprietary product valuations, our technologists have managed data mining and warehousing systems for global Fortune 1000 companies.

What We Do

Conservative research estimates find that 37% of a company’s cost of ownership in technology assets can be reduced through active enterprise asset management systems. Besides saving money, asset management affects every company’s balance sheet and income statement. By implementing customized IT asset management programs, we are able to provide cost effective solutions and targeted ROI models. This helps our clients achieve effective IT asset management programs, in addition to recapturing costs.

AnythingIT offers a comprehensive suite of IT asset management services, fully scalable to meet the needs of medium and large companies. We offer both strategic consulting and hands-on implementation throughout every phase of the project lifecycle. In addition, we objectively evaluate products on the market that best meet our clients needs.

At the cornerstone of AnythingIT's services, are IT fair market valuations of a company's current technology assets.

This information is used by companies as an invaluable tool for realizing the maximum value of their IT assets and allows AnythingIT to provide a variety of purchase options for replacing or upgrading.

To help a company understand its true cost of ownership, AnythingIT’s technology consultants conduct an IT asset review and analysis, beginning with a benchmark study of current, compared with desired, technology systems and deliver a detailed analysis of the findings. Next, a report is containing the initial recommendations for enhancing and/or developing new systems and processes, as well as preparing minimum requirements and definitions for system components, is delivered. This information reveals a detailed finding of a company’s current cost of ownership, estimated cost of asset management implementation and expected ROI.

AnythingIT professionals perform IT asset tracking and evaluation, which offers an in-depth understanding of all current products and provides continual evaluation of technology systems, examining how these products meet the specific needs of a company.

AnythingIT provides IT testing, auditing and processing services to help our clients determine the best solution for dealing with a growing storehouse of aging technology devices. By delivering a comprehensive asset audit report AnythingIT helps companies make cost effective business decisions and manages the implementation of solutions in IT storage, disposal, employee resale, donations and recycling.

To summarize, we provide the following services:

  • Nationwide removal of IT assets (optional, equipment can be shipped into ANYTHINGIT)
  • Inventorying services / Data Collection (both onsite and depot)
  • Real-time market valuation via AnythingIT website (ValueIT)
  • Data Destruction (DoD 5220.22M/HIPAA Compliant)
  • Re-marketing
  • Recycling – DEP/EPA

Employment Opportunities

AnythingIT, Inc. is always seeking professional individuals both in sales and operations to assist in our rapidly expanding organization. Please send any resumes to and we will respond if there are any open opportunities.