Investor Relations
David Bernstein - President
Mr. Bernstein is a Founder, President, and CEO of AIT Incorporated. He established the creation of customized Information Technology Asset Management Programs for both Government & Private Sector clients that facilitate the disposition/retirement services as a bundled integration solution allowing for complete-end-to-end technology lifecycle services practice. Mr. Bernstein has created an industry standard utilizing learned best practices in Information Technology Asset Management, Disposition and Disposal services to protect customer data security and environmental liability for both public and private sector marketplaces. Mr. Bernstein was awarded the first General Services Administration Schedule for IT Asset Management/Disposition Services under Schedule 70 - IT Professional Services and has personally received Congressional Recommendations. Additionally, Mr. Bernstein currently serves on the Board of Directors for The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) comprised of over 20,000 members from the Information Technology reseller and consulting community. He is a graduate of Rider University with a BS in Communications.

Vlad Stelmak - Chief Operations Officer
Mr. Stelmak is a Founder, and responsible for the management of global remarketing of both Federal Agency and Fortune 1000 IT assets. He instituted best practices in performing IT asset audits/inventory with necessary data capture to ensure highest return on resale value. He has experience in the oversight of all fair market valuations of IT assets and the development with ongoing support of AIT's proprietary fair market valuation index. Mr. Stelmak is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Global Remarketing sales staff. He supervises the ongoing development and negotiation of new channels of product remarketing/resale. He is responsible for locating certified EPA/DEP Recycling partners, both domestic and international. Mr. Stelmak is in charge of oversight of partner and sub-contractor compliance with AIT standards as well as continued audits of partner practices. He is a graduate of New York University with a BS in Marketing & International Business.

Ted Knapp - Director of Security & Compliance
Ted Knapp joined AnythingIT in Nov 2010 as the Director of Security and Compliance. He was previously with Computer Systems and Solutions from 1998-2010 and is a veteran of the laptop computer industry. He carries with him over 27 years of technical and operational background in the laptop/desktop computer environment. He then migrated to the technology sales capacity for 15 years. He is a board member and currently the President of Work Vessels for Veterans, a national military related, non-profit foundation. He is also an active member in the American Legion and VFW in his local community. He sits on the advisory board for both Plaza School of Technology and Chubb Computer Schools.

Richard Hausig – Board Member
Mr. Hausig has been a member of our Board of Directors since August 2008 and was a co-founder of our company. Since January 2010 Mr. Hausig has been Chief Operating Officer of Paisa Services, a Columbian outsource services supplier. From May 2003 until August 2009, Mr. Hausig was Chief Operating Officer of MDM Worldwide Solutions, an EDGAR filing agent.