Investor Relations
Q: What is AnythingIT?
A: AnythingIT is an equipment recycler. We work with companies and governmental agencies to help find a valuable second life to used equipment to ensure a zero landfill policy. This second life could be through remarketing, reuse or recycling. Additionally, we provide value added services of logistic or data destruction to facilitate the needs of our customers.

Q: What is the Company's stock ticker symbol?
A: The Company’s common stock is traded on the OTCBB and its symbol is ANYI.

Q: How many shares are outstanding?
A: The Company has 36,450,238 shares of common stock outstanding as of 1/15/13.

Q: What are the CIK and SIC numbers for the company?
A: The CIK number is 1129048 and the SIC codes are 4953 (Refuse Systems), 5093 (Scrap and Waste Materials) and 50849914 (Recycling Machinery and Equipment).

Q: When was your company incorporated?
A: The Company was incorporated as Access Direct, a New Jersey corporation, in September 1992. AnythingIT was formed in October 2000, a Delaware corporation, and Access Direct was merged into AnythingIT.

Q: Does the Company offer a Direct Stock Purchase Plan?
A: No.

Q: How do I obtain financial reports on the company?
A: You can obtain financial reports from the Company’s website or from the SEC at

Q: When does AnythingIT, Inc. fiscal year end?
A: We have a June 30th year end.

Q: Where is AnythingIT, Inc. corporate office located?
A: Our corporate office is at 2075 91st Street, Unit.2, North Bergen, NJ 07047.

Q: Who do I contact for investor information on AnythingIT, Inc.?
A: Refer all inquiries to David Bernstein - email .

Q: Who is the company’s Independent Auditors?
A: . D’Arelli Pruzansky, P.A.

Q: How do I replace lost or stolen stock certificates?
A: Contact: Pacific Stock Transfer Company at 800-785-7782 or visit

Q: What happens to a press release once you distribute it?
A: We issue our press releases through a wire service where the release is distributed to hundreds or thousands of news outlets, depending on the circuit. These include print, broadcast, and electronic media outlets, and always include the mandatory minimum disclosure points. With the press releases coded at the wire service to the ticker symbol, the information appears instantaneously, giving you, the shareholder, the same access to the information at the same time as brokers, analysts, and everyone else. We do not selectively disclose news; that is illegal.