Recycling Events

Sponsored electronic recycling events are a great way to provide a convenient way of disposing of old equipment, while mitigating risks associated with any data left on hard drives and memory. Hosting a “green” event that benefits the environment can also translate into positive press as well as an avenue for charitable donations.

Who sponsors Electronic Recycling Events?

  • Corporations
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Municipalities
  • Sporting events
  • Retail Stores

Our coordination team will help you determine the best date for your event, a suitable location, and the trucks needed. We can also assist with donation plans, and will help you host an event that generates local press through the Chamber of Commerce, press release distribution, and regional news coverage. Our Marketing Department will work with you to create internal and external marketing pieces that explain the environmental benefits of responsible recycling.

AnythingIT has just released a new White Paper – Bring Your Own Device, Solutions for End of Life, that explains the advantages of sponsored collection events. Download the white paper here.