Recycle Tomorrow

Introducing an easy way to budget for the costs associated with asset disposition. By paying for services in advance, under a service contract, our customers can effectively plan for and reduce the costs associated with IT asset disposition. AnythingIT’s RecycleTomorrow program is in full compliance with programs that are currently mandated in Europe, Japan and California (SB20). Should these laws become applicable within the United States, RecycleTomorrow partners will have a program already in place. By bundling the cost of recycling in advance, AnythingIT can extend significant cost reductions on the remarketing and recycling process for your organization. These services are already paid for in advance, potentially yielding the highest return possible on trade-in. In October 2003, Governor Davis of California signed legislation into law which required companies to pay for similar services at the point of purchase for electronic products. Change is coming. For more information, contact the RecycleTomorrow team at AnythingIT.