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GammaTech & AnythingIT Offer Secure, Environmentally Sound IT Asset Disposal to Government Resellers

(Aug 06, 2007)--GammaTech Computer Corporation and AnythingIT announced a low-cost joint IT equipment recycling program for government agencies. In addition to its benefits for government users, the new program allows government equipment resellers to generate new revenue opportunities by attaching margin-building IT asset disposal services to notebook PCs they sell from GammaTech.

The joint GammaTech/AnythingIT program, built around AnythingIT's RecycleTomorrow services, enables resellers to provide government, education and corporate end users with secure, environmentally friendly trade-in and asset disposal solutions at any point during a product's lifecycle. Resellers cannot only offer RecycleTomorrow as an exit-strategy solution for GammaTech products, but also use the program to facilitate new sales by giving prospects a way to generate capital for purchases while ensuring secure, eco-friendly disposal of existing desktop or notebook PCs, regardless of manufacturer.
"AnythingIT's RecycleTomorrow is an exceptional program that will add value for resellers and end users alike," said Paul H. Kim, Marketing Director of GammaTech Computer Corporation. "One of the most difficult challenges for government and education organizations is how to responsibly dispose of PCs containing sensitive and/or private information. This new program, available to all GammaTech customers, solves the problem at little or no cost, while also respecting the environment. Best of all, it also generates immediate cash that enables end-users to upgrade from fragile, repair-prone laptops to GammaTech's line of DURABOOK PC ruggedized, go-anywhere notebooks."
The RecycleTomorrow program applies to both new and existing PCs. When the end user no longer has any use for the equipment, AnythingIT assumes ownership of the hardware for disposal. For a nominal fee, AnythingIT will ensure all sensitive data has been removed from hard drives and other storage media in accordance with data protection and privacy regulations mandated by legislation such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). In fact, AnythingIT's data removal processing center meets the strict security requirements of the United States Department of Defense.
Once all sensitive data has been removed, equipment is either recycled, sold for continued use or disposed of in accordance with local, state and federal environmental regulations governing electronic waste.
"Our RecycleTomorrow solution makes budgeting dollars for the retirement of technology an obsolete practice," said AnythingIT President Dave Bernstein. "Through GammaTech and RecycleTomorrow, customers no longer have to dedicate resources to ensure they are in compliance with the nation's numerous e-waste regulations. With RecycleTomorrow, that can now all be decided at the point of purchase before hardware even arrives on site."
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