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Anything IT Response to 60 Minutes Report on The Electronic Wasteland

On 11/09/2008 CBS News 60 Minutes broadcast an article on the incessant dumping of scrap material and export to China.  

First, and foremost, AIT does not export materials outside of the United States in violation of any Federal or International Laws.  AIT does not export non-working CRT monitors to China, which is the primary business practice that was profiled on the news report.
Our recyclers/de-manufacturing partners of electronic waste are located here in the United States.  Additionally, they are fully licensed according to all state and federal laws.  We have no knowledge or reason to believe that they have any connection to the CBS News Story or any similar practice described therein.
While AIT remarkets technology, those sales are of working equipment and once again made within full compliance of all Federal and International laws.  It is our remarketing efforts that have reduced the costs of processing for many clients, ensuring that the implementation of a sound disposition practice doesn’t become a budgetary burden.
Unfortunately there are individuals and organizations in our space that take short cuts to increase the bottom line.  We are proud to be an organization that has consistently gone the extra mile to ensure that we truly practice what we preach.
As always, thank you for partnering with AIT for your disposition business requirements.
Think Green,
Paul Brundage
SVP, Sales & Marketing
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