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EQH&S Policy

AnythingIT, Inc. is committed to the care of the environment, prevention of pollution, prevention of injury and ill health.

AnythingIT, Inc. ensures that all its activities are carried out in conformance with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which Anything IT subscribes.

AnythingIT, Inc. seeks to minimize waste, promote recycling, reduce energy consumption, reduce harmful emissions and, where possible, to work with suppliers who themselves have implemented EQH&S policies.

An essential feature of the EQH&S management system is a commitment to improving EQH&S performance. This is achieved by setting annual EQH&S improvement objectives and targets which are regularly monitored and reviewed. The objectives and targets are publicized throughout AnythingIT and our personnel are committed to their achievement.

AnythingIT, Inc is committed to managing used and end-of-life electronics equipment, on a reuse, refurbishment, recovery, disposal hierarchy including onsite and downstream materials management throughout the recycling chain.

AnythingIT ensures accountability for all focus and hazardous e-Waste throughout the recycling chain to final disposition,

AnythingIT prohibits the exports of focus and hazardous e-Waste throughout the Recycling Chain, which violate the Basel Convention, Basel Amendment, OECD Decisions and national laws of import and export countries.

AnythingIT is committed to social accountability values, including the prohibition of prison labor and child labor.

AnythingIT makes customers aware of data security issues and address their data security and privacy requirements through the secure destruction of data contained in e-Waste.

AnythingIT, Inc. utilizes practices that protect worker health and safety and the environment by adhering to good housekeeping standards, safety trainings and recognizing and improving any job hazards.

To ensure the achievement of the above commitments, AnythingIT has implemented an EQH&S management system.

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